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Waterbury CT

If you’re looking for a city with plenty of interesting facts, Waterbury, CT is the place for you! This historic city has a rich history that is on display everywhere you look. From its charming downtown district to the many museums and historical sites, there is always something new to learn about Waterbury. So if you’re looking for a new and exciting destination, be sure to add Waterbury to your list!

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Interesting Facts About Waterbury, CT

The First Brass Mill

Incorporated as a city in 1853, Waterbury immediately became recognized as the “Brass Capital of the World” 50 years after the city’s first industrial factory debuted in 1750, the first brass mill opened. Early in the 19th century, Waterbury used hydropower from the Mad and Naugatuck rivers to produce brass. Many foreign workers were drawn to the emerging brass industry, resulting in a culturally rich melting pot.

Waterbury is still regarded as the “Brass City,” but the brass industry had already decreased by the 1970s due to advances in technology, federal regulations, and the rising popularity of plastics. Products that go beyond the realm of brass include electronics, computers, machine tools, precise instruments, chemicals, rubber, and plastics. The Waterbury Button Company has been operational for 200 years and has made buttons for every branch of the US military and prominent American fashion firms.

Anaconda Brass Waterbury CT

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The One Dollar Pocket Watch

The Waterbury pocket watch in the middle of the nineteenth century is another intriguing piece of facts. An inexpensive pocket watch owned by Robert H. Ingersoll. What makes this event in Waterbury so remarkable is that, in the 19th century, watch manufacturers competed to get the price of their products down to a dollar, with the cheapest timepieces selling for $1.50. In contrast, Robert H. Ingersoll’s $1 pocket watch, popularly known as the Yankee, cost exactly one dollar. Since no other watches had yet been priced at a dollar, this one became the world’s first dollar pocket watch. To put it another way, the sale of over five million of them made Waterbury’s once-notable brass industry look like a minor player.

Waterbury’s clocktowers and old brass factories, both remnants of the city’s prosperous manufacturing past, have become recognizable landmarks of the city.

One Dollar Pocket Watch

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The Mattatuck

As the 28th town in Connecticut Colony, Waterbury has a history that goes back centuries. It was originally named “Matetacoke” (land without trees) by the local Indians, who were later forced to sell the land to the English settlers who were looking for a place to call home. When the settlement was admitted as a town in 1686, it was renamed Waterbury, England. Waterbury, founded in 1853, has more than 114,000 residents and is one of Connecticut’s most vibrant and diverse cities.

The Red and White Brick Structures

The city of Waterbury, Connecticut, has a rich architectural history. Its most significant buildings are made of brick. The structures in Waterbury are definitely worth a visit.

Several structures by Cass Gilbert, a prominent 20th-century architect known for his use of white marble and red brick, contribute to Waterbury’s architectural beauty. McKim, Mead & White also designed the 1906 red brick railroad station. The Palace Theater, which had been closed since 1986, reopened after major repairs.

Now you can visit these landmarks in Waterbury, such as the Waterbury City Hall, Chase Brass and Copper Office Building, Waterbury Municipal Center Complex, and many more.

Waterbury City Hall

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The Holy Land

Holy Land USA was founded in the 1950s by local Waterbury attorney John Baptist Greco atop Pine Hill. To that goal, by the decade’s conclusion, he had erected a theme park that looked like a tiny Bethlehem. This park’s attractions are all based on biblical texts and are designed to provide a relaxing environment for residents to get to know each other.

The 17-acre hilltop site of the Holy Land, dominated by a 52-foot-high cross that replaced the original 32-foot-high cross in 1968, has attracted thousands of visitors thanks to its saint sculptures, depictions of biblical events, as well as 200 small houses supposed to replicate Jerusalem. It took thirty years to complete Holy Land.

Despite its dilapidated condition, the ruins are being fixed up and visitors can still tour the historic site in Waterbury.

The Holy Land

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Corruption in Waterbury’s Past

In the latter part of the 20th century, Waterbury, a city with a population of nearly 100,000 in Connecticut, had to deal with some pretty serious financial setbacks. The city’s reputation was also tarnished by some very public corruption charges against two mayors.

Giordano was charged with luring a minor for sex; Santopietro as well as was charged with embezzlement, tax evasion, and conspiracy.

These two men are just two of many unscrupulous elected officials who damaged the city’s reputation and finances.

Philip A Giordano

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Waterbury, CT is a city with a rich history and plenty of interesting facts. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out some of the historical sites listed in our previous article – you won’t regret it! And if you’re also remodeling your home, don’t forget to contact ADR Contracting for all your contracting needs. We promise you won’t find a better team anywhere else. Thanks for reading!

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