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Many of us take great pride in our houses, spending endless hours inside decorating and updating. However, occasionally venturing outside can be a welcome change from the limitations of the indoors. The seasons of spring, summer, and fall are the best for it. It’s wonderful outside when the weather is nice. However, enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you need to give up your personal pleasures.

You may create a cozy and appealing outdoor space with a few alterations. It can be beneficial to convert a yard, patio, porch, or other outdoor space into a usable living area because it will extend your living space. You will be able to spend more time outdoors if you have the proper setup. It enables you to plan outdoor gatherings for friends, family, and neighbors and spend more time outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

We’ll help you add an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or hot tub, whatever your dreams may be. We’ll also give you a comprehensive design plan that will take into account the look and feel of your home, as well as how much space you have to work with.

If there’s something else you want to add, we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs!

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Pool Decks

ADR Contracting pool deck contractors

Looking for pool deck inspiration for your outdoor haven? Although adding a pool and deck area to the property requires a large expenditure, the advantages are plentiful.

Deck designs have long been a mainstay of the boat building industry, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that they made their way into interior design. Whereas pavers once ruled supreme, more and more individuals are now choosing decks to be used around the pool area.

The use of decking has grown over time, and it is now the preferred material for modern pool designs. The use of materials has also improved. Initially, first-generation hardwoods were used to construct decks; but, today, durable composites and eco-friendly materials made of recycled materials are all the rage. Additionally, we are experimenting with widths and coatings to give the wood a really modern appearance.

Backyard Transformation

ADR Contracting backyard transformation

The backyard of every house is equally as essential as the inside. The same level of care is also needed. Your yard is important whether you own the house or are trying to sell it. Your garden design is not merely for aesthetic sake. It also has a significant impact on the value of your house and the area you live in. Your backyard transformation must accommodate both your preferred style and the requirements of the family who will use it. You might want to upgrade the look of your backyard as the summer weather approaches. That involves a lot of labor and can be a challenging task. An expert can be useful in this situation.

ADR Contracting is a company that specializes in building new ecosystems in harsh environments. We turn deserts into rain forests by removing all of the sand and soil from the area, allowing us to add new topsoil. We then plant trees and plants native to the area where we are working. This allows us to create a habitat for native animals who would otherwise be unable to survive in such a harsh environment. By using this process, we have been able to create thriving ecosystems where there were once only sand dunes.

Our work is environmentally friendly and restores land that has been stripped of its natural resources by previous industrial activity. We can help you restore your property if you’re interested in this process! 


ADC Contracting chimney

Any backyard becomes more inviting and beautiful with an outdoor fireplace. They make an outdoor space that much more inviting welcoming you to spend time with loved ones or unwind after a long day. Although it’s crucial to ensure it’s built properly, an outdoor fireplace will enhance the value of your house and way of life for many years to come.

As simple as it may appear, building an outdoor fireplace is not so simple. Achieving good construction and safe operation takes plenty of planning. There are many DIY home projects you can complete, but constructing an outdoor fireplace is one you should leave to a qualified builder.

The majority of outdoor fireplaces are constructed using brick, stone, or concrete. For the width and height of the fireplace, these components must be stacked and separated by the proper amount of mortar. To build a strong, evenly balanced structure, they must be precisely aligned and continuously supported from top to bottom. A single or two uneven stones could cause the entire fireplace to crumble or crack. 

ADR Contracting is not just a qualified mason company—we’re also experienced contractors with an excellent reputation for delivering quality work at competitive prices. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way so that together we can create an outdoor fireplace that’s beautiful yet functional for years to come! 


Patio and deck additions can be very beneficial for any homeowner who wants to increase the value of their home. A lot of people assume that it doesn’t make sense to invest in these types of projects because they aren’t necessary or practical.

However, if you want to sell your home or if you’re planning on staying there long-term then patios and decks will definitely increase their value.

Patios offer an excellent place for outdoor entertainment, as well as, provide a space for family members who love spending time outdoors together!

Commonly, patios are used as an outdoor version of the indoor living room of a house, equipped with lounge chairs, a dining table, and mood lighting.

Your patio can be furnished to serve as a spot for cookouts and elegant soirees or a quiet retreat, depending on your style. 

 Living outdoors should be relaxing, rejuvenating, and pleasing to the senses. Consider adding a water feature to the area around your patio to create a focal point and set the mood. The calming sound and sparkle of water from a stream with its own bridge, a pond, bird bath, or fountain will help you reconnect with nature. Just be sure to keep your water addition in proportion to the surrounding landscape. 

garden patio contractors

Bring your dream home to life with Connecticut’s premium customized homebuilder, ADR Contracting. From outdoor renovations to interior design, we do it all.

We take pride in our workmanship, which means every time you walk into one of our completed homes, you will know that it was built with care by expert craftspeople who truly care about what they do. 


ADR Contracting walkways pavement contractor

Any good landscape design must have a suitable entrance to your home and a walkway that lets you move around your outdoor space securely and easily.

We know you want your walkway to look as stunning as it can, and we’re happy to help you get it there. Our experts will help you select the material that’s right for your home, and then we’ll ensure that the end result is exactly what you had in mind. Whether it’s slate or stone, our experts will make sure your walkway is properly installed so it will stand up to years of foot traffic and weathering. This ensures that your end result looks precisely as gorgeous as you had imagined it to and creates a natural flow throughout your house. A qualified professional will install your walkway properly so that it not only looks great but also functions well and is safe for everyone who uses it. This is crucial because improperly built walkway materials, such as slate and stone, can start to crack and loosen with time, leading to decay and potential safety hazards.

We will address any concerns you may have and give you all the information on planning, supplies, and construction you require so we can start building your pathway right away. 

Retaining Walls

ADR Contracting retaining walls

Retaining walls are distinctive components of every building or setting. They support sloping terrain and stop them from eroding or collapsing, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. A retaining wall is an important element of a landscape design, but it may also be attractive if it is built from a selection of ornamental or decorative materials.

We understand that many individuals consider the retaining walls on their estates to be decorative features. With climbing plants or other plants adorning it, it can be a very appealing stone structure. It’s important to make sure that your existing wall is structurally sound. 

ADR Contracting is here to assist you if you’re thinking about building a retaining wall or need to speak with a specialist regarding retaining wall design and installation services. 


ADR Contracting fireplaces

The first thing that individuals should do is determine if they need any work done on their chimney. This can be done by examining it from the outside and inside of your property with an experienced eye. If there are any issues with it, such as cracks or other damage, then it should be repaired as soon as possible because that could lead to serious problems later on down the road. Some potential problems could be leaking smoke or carbon monoxide into your home when used, which is extremely dangerous for everyone living inside, including pets!

When hiring a contractor, there are many things one should consider before making the final decision. If you want to make sure that your chimney will be cleaned properly, it is better if you choose someone who has spent some time learning how to do this job correctly in order not to cause any damage to your house or anything else around it.

Another crucial issue to think about is having the appropriate credentials and certificates from relevant authorities. Hiring someone without the proper and applicable qualifications can leave one with a lot to regret. For you to be sure that you will receive the best service and one that is of the utmost value, it is imperative that you inquire for certifications and credentials in this field before hiring someone to supply you with chimney services. 


ADR Contracting stonewalls

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, landscaping, and hardscapes, a good stonewall or stonework serves numerous uses. By building a pathway, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, grill enclosure, or retaining wall, our Waterbury, CT stonewall masons can provide functionality to your landscaping and outdoor living space. Additionally, stonewalls can boost your Waterbury property’s curb appeal and value by between 5 and 12 percent.

We know that building a quality stonewall requires more than just laying stones on top of each other, it requires skill and experience. Our Waterbury CT stonewalls masons have been working on projects like this since we first opened our doors. We know what it takes to create a strong wall that will withstand the test of time so that your outdoor living space remains beautiful for years to come. 

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