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ADR Contracting recently received a call from a client who needs a paving project for their backyard. We worked with Matt, a Waterbury resident, to create a design that would fit both their needs and budget, then we took it from there! From bringing in the materials and getting everything ready for installation to laying down the final pieces of pavement and ensuring everything was level and even, we made sure everything went smoothly so they could have their dream area up and running before the end of summer.

The property was a two-story home, with an outdoor patio area. We removed and replaced the existing concrete pavers, which had become cracked and broken due to age and possibly from a foundation that wasn’t solid. The new pavers were installed with a limestone base to match the existing stonework on the property. The new pavers were also given an anti-slip surface treatment for safe use. Our team was able to complete this project on schedule despite encountering some unforeseen obstacles during construction. We were able to work around these issues, however, and still meet the client's deadline with minimal disruption in the area. Our client was very thrilled with their home's new exterior landscaping.

Pavers Installation Process

First, we figured out how much space we needed and what kind of materials we were going to use. Then, we started laying down the design. They wanted a natural look that would match the landscape around them, so we used a stone called "Yellow Gray Limestone" to create a beautiful, natural-looking surface.

After that, we started by laying down a layer of compacted stone and sand, which provided a solid base for our pavers. Then, we installed a mortar bed. After this was dry, we put in our pavers, which were cut to fit the space perfectly, and then finished it off with another layer of sand and topsoil to match the surrounding area.

Pavers are a very versatile system that can be manipulated and changed to fit your needs.

Pavers come in all shapes and sizes so you can create any design that fits your vision for your outdoor space. They're extremely durable and easy to maintain, so they'll last for years without requiring any special care or maintenance. They can also be used to create beautiful garden spaces by using them in place of mulch or gravel beds.

Pavers are also a great option for building an outdoor living space, walkways, patios, driveways, and more. We offer a large variety of different pavers in many different styles and shapes. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or contemporary we have the perfect paver for your project!

Your pavers need a solid foundation that can stand up to whatever comes your way: heavy rains, earthquakes, and even the test of time. When you think about pavers, you probably don't think of adventure, but that's exactly what ADR Contracting is all about. The installation process for pavers can be challenging, and that's exactly where our company thrives. We love to get our hands dirty with a new project and see it through from start to finish.

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