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Jason has had a beautiful chimney in his house for about 20 years now. Without fail, it served to heat up his home but now it started to leak smoke inside. He needed someone to fix this issue fast since smoke inhalation is not the ideal thing to breathe in. That's when he saw us. ADR Contracting, the masonry contractor in Connecticut. We immediately arrived at his home at Wheeler St. and inspected the problem. His chimney was cracked and had begun to leak smoke into the home. We were able to repair the chimney quickly and efficiently so that Jason and his family could get back to enjoying their fireplace without worrying about smoke in their house.


The project also involved repairing cracks in the chimney that were causing rainwater to enter the house, as well as replacing some damaged bricks and mortar. This work was done by ADR Contracting's expert bricklayer and mason team, who have been serving Waterbury and the surrounding areas for over a decade.

Benefits of a Newly Repaired Chimney

As you know, Jason has a problem with his chimney. He knew that even if his chimney has served his home nonstop for 20 years, it was time to let go. At this point, Jason knew that he had two options: get the old chimney repaired or get a new one entirely. He chose the second option because he did not want to deal with any more problems or safety hazards. If you are concerned about the safety of your home or family, then a new chimney is a must. A new chimney will last longer than an old one and is more likely to be able to withstand pressure without leaking or breaking. This article will explain why repairing or replacing a chimney is crucial for safe living.

No Leakage Issues

A chimney is an important part of your home. It helps to vent smoke, heat, and other byproducts of a fireplace or woodstove out of the house. It also keeps rain, snow, and wind out. The main benefit of a newly repaired chimney is that it will not leak. For instance, our previous customer, Jason, had cracks and leaks all over his chimney. 

Leaks can cause problems in your home and make your fireplace unusable, which is why it's so important to have a chimney that won't leak. Sure, you can repair it by using coating materials, chimney liners, or sealants, but that will temporarily fix the issue. Hiring a professional chimney repair company is your solution. A newly repaired chimney is also more reliable than an older one that has been around for many years. It will last longer because it has been properly constructed and maintained from the get-go, which means you won't have to worry about leaks or other issues down the road.

Better air quality and reduce heating costs

You might be surprised to learn that the air quality in your home has a lot to do with the condition of your fireplace. If you have an old chimney just like Jason, it could be releasing carbon monoxide into your home and making everyone sick. Even if there is no serious risk posed by an older chimney, they do tend to waste energy. A new one can improve both of these things!


The best way for you to reduce heating costs is by placing a high-efficiency woodstove or pellet stove in your home. When paired with a new chimney, these stoves can save money on heating bills by as much as 40% each month compared with traditional furnace heaters or baseboard heaters.

Life Longevity of the Chimney

The life expectancy of your chimney depends on the quality of its construction. A newly repaired chimney will generally last 30-50 years, but if you want to avoid having to repair it again in the future, you may consider hiring a contractor for a complete replacement.

A newly repaired chimney is constructed with bricks and mortar that have been cleaned and lined with mortar to prevent cracks from developing. An old one may be made from crumbling bricks that could crumble further over time, and this is why it's important to hire a professional who knows how to inspect your structure thoroughly before getting started on any work.

Looks good and has no risk

The biggest benefit of having a newly repaired chimney is that it looks good and there's no risk of leaks damaging your roof. Lastly, if you're trying to sell your house in the future, a new chimney is an attractive feature to potential buyers who are looking for homes with updated features.

A newly repaired chimney is reliable and safe

When you have a properly maintained chimney, it keeps that aspect of your home safe. It's well-ventilated, which means fire and gases can easily escape from the fireplace without building up inside. If you're experiencing smoke inside your house that should be outside, it's best to call us just as our previous customer, Jason, did. A newly repaired chimney is also built with strong materials that will keep everything intact for years to come so you won't need to worry about any accidents or damage occurring due to faulty construction or design flaws.

There are plenty of benefits to having a newly repaired chimney. There is no risk of leakage and the life longevity will last for years. It also reduces heating costs because there is no need for repairs or replacement until it reaches the end of its life expectancy.

Why choose ADR Contracting

Our team at ADR Contracting is committed to making superior brick, stone, and concrete creations. We’re passionate about building beautiful structures that will last a lifetime. We are a fully licensed and insured company that only hires qualified workers. Our team is trained in the latest techniques and technologies to ensure high-quality workmanship at all times.

We provide services in Waterbury and the nearby areas. We also offer tile installation, patio paving, concrete paving, commercial masonry, and more. Contact us now, you won’t be disappointed!


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