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Last update: 7 November 2022

ADR Contracting is a local masonry contractor company in Waterbury, CT.

ADR Contracting can be reached by phone at: (860) 481-1099

ADR Contracting specializes in pool decking, backyard transformation, concrete patio, bathroom remodeling services, and kitchen remodeling services.

ADR Contracting was founded in Waterbury, CT.

ADR CONTRACTING offers local services which include:

  • pool decking
  • Backyard Transformation
  • concrete patio
  • stepping stones walkway
  • RETAINING WALLS contractors
  • chimney repairs
  • bathroom remodeling services
  • kitchen remodeling services

ADR CONTRACTING's service hours are as follows:

Monday8AM – 6PM
Tuesday8AM – 6PM
Wednesday8AM – 6PM
Thursday8AM – 6PM
Friday8AM – 6PM
Saturday8AM – 6PM

ADR CONTRACTING is located at:

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